The benefits of our urban campus school

There are some real advantages of being an urban campus school. Here are some of the benefits our set-up offers our students:

  • Having a separate upper and lower school gives students their own distinct spaces in which to grow, learn and develop. Our younger students start their secondary school careers in a secure, nurturing environment, without the sometimes overwhelming presence of much older children. Similarly, our older students will gain a real sense of pride and responsibility when they move up to our upper school, and will have the space to mature in a more 'grown up' environment.
  • At the same time, because we are one school, we still have access to large-school budgets, staffing levels and breadth of curriculum. This is also true when it comes to mentoring opportunities for our older students, who will be able to take on leadership roles through the school's house system, extra-curricular activities and so on. So our students benefit from large school opportunities, but within the day-to-day environment of a smaller, more nurturing school.

 And the wider community will also benefit from the facilities we have developed:

  • The Archer Academy's development of Stanley Road has safeguarded the site from over-development and provided facilities for local people to use outside of school hours. One of our key principles is 'Engaging with our community', and the facilities we have created at Stanley Road show how deeply this is built into the foundations of our school.
  • Furthermore, our partnership with Sport East Finchley in the development of Stanley Road has given us access to extra funds which would not have been available to either organisation individually. So our school has gained far better sports facilities than the EFA would otherwise have been able to provide us with, and the community will have access to better facilities than Sport East Finchley alone could have secured.
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