10 things that will make the Archer Academy a brilliant school

1. The school will start small, so you will get to know everyone really well – from your classmates to the teachers to our headteacher Mr Quigley. We'll give you the chance to meet them in the summer term, which will make your first day much easier.

2. We are expecting lots of your friends from primary school to come too, as well as your neighbours from other local primaries. So hopefully loads of your new school friends will live near you.

3. We have great new classrooms and are building some amazing new sports facilities that you will be the first to use.

4. Mr. Quigley is choosing a fantastic team of teachers who love their jobs, are excited about our new school and want to help you do the best you can.

5. We will make sure that your lessons are interesting and involving, so you really enjoy learning new things.

6. We will help you to do as well as you possibly can in lots of different subjects, so that you can find out what you are best at and what you love to do.

7. We plan to invite local people from the media, arts, science, business and sport to come to talk to you about their jobs. They'll help you find out what interests you most so you can start thinking about what you'd like to do when you leave us.

8. We will run lots of interesting clubs and societies – and you can help us to decide which ones we should start with.

9. The Archer Academy will be your school, and we really want you to be involved in making it come to life. We'll be asking you to help us with lots of things like naming the school Houses, creating displays around the school, and putting on school shows and performances.

10. You will be one of the first pupils ever in the Archer Academy, so you will be making a little bit of history, and will lead the way for all the other children who come after you.
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